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Technology Deployment

  • Areyou delaying new technology upgrades, because of experience?
  • Didyour last technology purchase; miss the implementation schedule and budget?

Business applications, processes or technologies that are poorly chosen or improperly implemented may cause as many problems as they solve. When selecting an application, process or tool without first understanding or defining the business requirements and required deployment processes, the risk of failure is high and the outcome uncertain.

A successful deployment requires coordination and interaction with individuals from all affected business units and strong project management / leadership.

CNDS Expertise

CNDS's approach to Technology Planning & Deployment assists you in evaluating, selecting and implementing technology tools that support your business processes and strategic direction. Our business experience and technical capabilities enable us to build a dependable plan; having the plan saves money and time.

CNDS's technology consultants provide a deployment blueprint for implementing change and resources for each phase of the project. The blueprint is a comprehensive plan defining the communication, implementation, training, operation and on-going support of an application, process, system or technology. It is an analysis of your business and technology environments . . . an evaluation of the technology to be deployed . . . and a plan of action to be executed.

Our teams project managers and technical architects are experts in technology change management and deployment projects. Our success portfolio includes all types technology implementation and upgrade projects, ranging from new business applications, new project/process methodologies, changes of platforms or databases to complete data center relocation. We collaborate with your internal IT staff and any outside consultants to deploy your solution and communicate changes to your customers, employees, and business partners.

CNDS ensures that your staff receives the right level of training needed to understand and maintain the applications, processes, technologies or systems once they are in place.

For optimal technology implementation planning; to ensure on-time and on-budget technology deployment . . .

. . . rely on CNDS.