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Strategy Services

  • Technologycan be a competitive advantage, or a poor investment . . .
  • Yourtechnology initiatives should align to business priorities . . .

Business decision-makers need to know where the business is going, as well as what technology can and cannot do. Many business leaders do not have the time or expertise to solve technology problems.

CNDS has been solving technology problems for over 25 years. We can help you create and maintain systems that match the needs of your company. We gain an understanding of your business, and then help you decide how technology can be a tool to help you manage that business.

Hasyour business realized the expected growth and investment return from your technology expenditures?
Isyour competition using technology more effectively and to their advantage?

Technology offers operational efficiencies and potential competitive advantages that can result in cost containment and lead to increased revenues. Identifying which processes, products, resources and technologies are right for your business can be challenging and, for some, overwhelming.

The key to effective technology and business integration is aligning your technology resources with your business needs and service levels. This includes matching technologies, skill sets, resources, and IT priorities to business operations, processes, and priorities.

CNDS Expertise

Working with your management team, CNDS:

  • Compiles a thorough review of your business goals, strategy and operational processes

  • Reviews the IT related organization, facilities, cost, staff skills, the associated organization, facilities, cost, staff skills, the associated hardware and software infrastructure and business applications

  • Analyzes the business and technical findings to assess the functional capability, potential growth and maintainability of your technology

  • Identifies areas of improvement and recommends options to achieve an alignment of your technology and business

Not all business needs require a technology solution. CNDS helps to identify the difference, thereby saving investment dollars. For those that require technology or resourcing solutions, CNDS can help you to construct business plans that determine the technology requirements, expenditures and projects.

Be assured that your business has the right technology, the right people and resourcing strategies, and the right process . . .

. . . rely on CNDS.